Problems Solved 

Finally, a bowl made for pets!

🐾 No more mess around the bowl at the end of the meal.

🐾 No more gas or bloating.

🐾 No more food getting on their face (this applies to all flat faced breeds).

🐾 Helps solve digestions issues. We have had both cats and dogs who were throwing up after they would eat, after using the Enhanced Pet Bowl they have stopped throwing up their meal.

🐾 No more taking the food out of the bowl and putting it on the floor. The Enhanced Pet Bowl allows the pet to separate its food in the dish itself, the result is the pets who would normally take their food out of the bowl and put it on the floor, or take the food out to another room and then go back to their bowl, to eat a few morsels at a time, have stopped this phenomenon with the use of the Enhanced Pet Bowl. Now eating consistently in one go from the bowl.

🐾 Slows the pet down while eating. With a traditional pet bowl, they are forced to eat at a 90-degree angle downwards, this forces them to fight gravity while they eat, many animals eat quicker as a solution to this problem as the quick eat motions act like a shovel to get the food to the back of their mouth. With the Enhanced Pet Bowl, they push their food to a more natural 45-degree angle and spend their time chewing their food rather than eating too quickly


* Although the above-listed problems have been noted to be solved with many pets, none of these issues are guaranteed to be solved with your pet after using the Enhanced Pet BowlTM.